At GPE3, we're excited about engineering exponentially enhanced philanthropic endeavors through intelligent, insightful multi-sector collaborations.

Leveraging resources worldwide takes efficient, responsive professional services.  Here's what we can do for you:
Welcome to the Future of Philanthropy!
  • Engineer Unique Organizational Structures to Provide Leverage
  • Research Undiscovered Options & Opportunities
  • Leverage Strengths Amongst Collaborators & Partners
  • Design Innovative, Networked Solutions
  • Negotiate Multi-Sector Agreements & Contracts
  • Manage Partnership Relationships & Operations
Key Performance Measurements
Our enterprise is committed to:
Ethical & Values-Based Business Practices
Privacy of Confidential & Proprietary Information
Clearly Defined Scopes of Work
No Hidden Costs
On Time Production with...
...Prompt Attention to Your Concerns

"We cannot stand idly by when precious resources are being sqaundered on ineffective and inefficient redundancies and inadequacies in operations because we are attempting to utilize 20th century structural support for 21st century innovations!  Lives are at stake."

-Sharon Forrest, Founder.

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Through sovereign control of  physical and virtual spaces, people decide what's right for their communities. We help them do so intelligently. 
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Giving doesn't have to be in vain.  We engineer effective and efficient partnership operations to ensure your philanthropic venture creates  extraordinary value.
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Yes, enterprises can have a heart.  GPE3 recognizes the compassion in "cooperative capitalism."

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